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Welcome to the Picture Gallery of Makki Sahab

M. Hadi Ali Khan (a/s Makki Sahab)

Electronics Engineer

Aligarh Muslim University,

Aligarh - India

                                                                Masroor A. Khan     Dr. Sajid A. Khan       Asif Apa        Naseema Begum      Wazeer D. Khan

This website contains the following Photo-Albums.  It has been created for our relatives only. The Visitors to this Site are, therefore,  requested not to show these albums to any person  except their  Relatives. To view any Album, just click on its Thumbnail view,  or on its name,  shown below.


    Old Memories (Containing photographs of our relatives from the year 1937 to 2000)


   My Old Photographs  (From the year 1956  to 2000) 


    My Family Album - 2003


    My Family Album - 2004


    My Family Album - 2007


    My Relatives-Album - 2007


    My Friends Album - 2006


    A Visit to Taj Mahal - 2007   (With Nuzhat from Canada)


    A Visit to Fatehpur Seekri (Agra)  (With Nuzhat from Canada)


   Prof. Tariq and Rehana (Pakistan) visited Aligarh in Jan-2008


    My Relatives in Rampur - 2007


    Haramain Sharifain  (Photographs of Imaams of Haramain and Holy Places of KSA)


   Aligarh Muslim University   (128 pictures) 


    Album of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan   (31 pics of the founder of AMU & his House)



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