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As you are intending to read the sensitive information, which is not intented for public access, you are, therefore, required to establish your concern about it, by sending your request via an email to the author  at this address:-     and furnish correctly the following information in that email. If the author is satisfied with the information furnished by you in the email, a copy of the document containing the details of the events that occured in the personal life of the author of the website, in the past 20 years, may be sent to you by reply-email.



  1. Your Full Name :

  2. Your Full Address :

  3. Your contact number :

  4. Your recent photograph :

  5. Your Relationship with the Author, if any :

  6. Your Relationship with Farzana Jamal (divorced wife of the author) if any :

  7. Your Relationship with, Monis & Siddiqa (children of  Farzana Jamal) if any :

  8. Give reasons why do you want to know the details of the Talaaq & the subsequent events :

  9. Name of the relevent website visited & your comments after reading the information on that website :

Please provide the information in the above sequence.


The author reserves the right to approve or disapprove your request without assigning any reason.