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Welcome to the Multi-Purpose website of M. Hadi Ali Khan

Muhammad Hadi Ali Khan
Electronics Engineer (Retired)
Aligarh Muslim University,
Aligarh - India

This Website has been created with a view to provide quick access to the information, frequently needed in the daily life of everyone, and may also be helpful in the achievement of the real success. May, the Almighty Allah, guide everyone to the right path leading to the real success.

This Website contains the information on the following Topics; Click on the desired topic to display its contents in a new window.

Education; Carriers and Courses in India and Abroad


Guide to Examinations, Results and Jobs (in India and Abroad)


Guide to Electronics and Computers


On-Line Consultation with Experts


Travel related Information


Media - Electronic and Print


Guide to Islam


Web Directories


AMU Links


Laboratory Manuals


Website of Communication Lab of AMU, Aligarh, India


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